My Opinion: What Is Nursing Faculty

how much do nursing faculty make

“We’ll be ready to announce two new cohorts for the spring as soon as that happens.” With the program still in limbo, Cleveland State is still unable to accept new students into its nursing program this fall. Seymour did, however, point out that the college is enrolling pre-nursing students. To be accepted into the nursing program at Cleveland State, students must first complete prerequisite courses as pre-nursing students. Thanks to a partnership with Chattanooga State Community College, a group of pre-nursing students from Cleveland State has been admitted into Chattanooga State’s nursing program for jobs for masters in nursing this fall. However, Seymour said he is eager to see local nursing students once again be able to complete their associate’s degrees in nursing locally. “I’ve had people comment to me that they believe we are closing our nursing program. That is absolutely not true,” Seymour said. “We have been working with students in our nursing program to help them improve. “We believe in our nursing program; we believe in our students’ success.” He pointed out that Cleveland State’s nursing program enjoyed many years of success before the recent trouble.

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